Thank You for doing an excellent job. I called DCI because I’d been very pleased with our remodel project. Keep me on your list of references if you wish. I appreciate Byron’s assistance on this project.

Nancy Corral

Please thank Karl and his people for a job well done.

Alvin & Barbara Carlson

We know that this remodel of our front rooms was a relatively small job for you, but nonetheless you treated us with patience and respect from the very beginning. We quickly knew we were in capable and responsible hands. Your company, Dennis, is well-represented by the men who worked on our house. Now retired, I was the person to be at home throughout the entire process. There was ample time for me to observe Wayne and Jacob as they arrived when expected, worked diligently, and solved problems. They were always amiable and easy to be with. Wayne, in particular, astonished me one day by creating a new and beautiful front porch with steps in a very brief period of time. Believe me, I have enormous respect for such skills. Carol and I were especially grateful for Karl and his calm and capable management of not only schedules and tasks, but diplomatic interaction with us- novice clients! He creatively, and with considerable skill, solved problems as they arose. Most importantly for us, he managed communication in what we consider to be an extraordinary way. If Carol or I had a concern or question about anything (usually late in the day!) while Wayne or Dennis (electrician) or the dry-wall finishers were here, we discovered that the next morning, the issue had gotten to Karl, had been discussed with you, and a solution found. That kind of swift communication was much appreciated by Carol and me. Tasks could move forward in a timely way. Karl, Dennis, was the day-to-day face- a- very good face- of DCI for us. He is a fine man. You are fortunate to have such a man work for you. Thank you for your willingness to work with us within our budget’s limitations and allowing us to take responsibility for out-sourcing some of the work. Thank you for your patience with us as we sorted out our needs and wishes. Be assured that when we do other work on our house, we will call DCI.

Jere Bob & Carol Bowden

I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the excellent work of your company and crews. Now that the addition project on Noe is just about complete, Paula and I want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate everything. We are very delighted with the outcome of the project. I would like to give special commendations to Brad and John. These two are relatively new employees for DCI, I understand, but they conducted themselves with tremendous conscientious effort and very skillful attention to detail. I certainly would not hesitate to employ them again if I had the opportunity. I think they are very effective representatives of your company and should continue to bring you happy customers. I would also like to thank Karl for managing to oversee the project with expertise and diligence. Even though he seemed very busy at times, he always managed to listen politely and attentively to our concerns. Thank you again for a job well done.

Steve & Paula Hamon

Thank you so much. Excellent Job!

Connie Butterfield & Chris Hill

It has been a real pleasure to work with you on the project at 357 Main Street. It is you and your team’s honest, hard work that moved our project ahead so quickly. You turned the architectural drawings into the real thing, and we have the buildings to prove it! Thank you for making it all happen. Perhaps since construction is your livelihood you witness over and over again the transformation of property. But for us, seeing 357 Main Street shift from a mud pit of sorts with some dilapidated buildings into a stunning site with beautiful buildings has been a wonderful journey. Part of the reason the construction process has been such a positive experience for us is that working with you has been incredibly easy. You are a straight shooter and a problem solver; two traits that we greatly admire and respect! Thank you for your candor and for your around the clock cheerfulness at solving problems. It is your can-do attitude that jump-started the project and got it to the finish line on time. While we are so very pleased to be done with the building of 357 Main Street, we are also saddened to say “good-bye.” We certainly hope that although our contract with you is now complete that we can and will stay connected. Again, thank you for all that you’ve done for us.

Alex, Fern & Elizabeth Rynecki

We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent job you and your subs did for us in our recent bathroom catastrophe. Especially our sincere thanks to Karl Merten for his ever present supervision and labor that made the entire process as pleasant as possible. Between Karl and the AAA claims person – Kristina Weatherford – our hats are off to you all. Dennis, this is our second project your company has handled, and both times they were done well and affordable.

Don & Helen Meacham

Our sincere thanks for another remodel job well done. The earthquake repairs and painting look great-along with the removal of our funky built-ins. We do appreciate the quality work done by DCI employees and, Byron, thanks for the supervision and being there when I call!

Nancy & Alfredo Corral

You did such a beautiful job, Thank You.

Eleanor Evans

The Ferndale Bocce Committee would like to express their sincere appreciation for the donation of the many hours of labor to form the Bocce court and the concrete for lane 1. The bocce court project will not only enhance the esthetics of the park, but more importantly, will provide a recreational activity for the entire community. It is so important to keep our senior community active, and as demonstrated by our latest “Bocce On The Green” event, the bocce court will be well received and attended by seniors and young alike. Community volunteer projects like this would not be possible without such generous support. Thank you again for your contributions to this wonderful community.

Richard HooleyCommittee MemberFerndale Bocce